Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sand sculptures at Christies Beach - Part One

Sandstorm Events staged the sand sculpture competition at Christies Beach in December 2013 --

...and a few days later, the Beachside Food & Wine event, at the same venue. So --

After months of gray skies and drizzle, we lucked out with perfect weather ...

Calm blue ocean ... looking south toward Noarlunga and Aldinga, down the Gulf St. Vincent

It was hot, but not as hot as it would be a few days later, and we visited the sculptures
at mid-week, so beat the crowds.

A good time was had by all -- dogs too! and --

Just so you know where you are...!

After eons of chilly, drizzly, windy weather, at last, perfect weather just in time for the sand sculptures! Dave and I went along at mid-week, because we guessed (rightly) that the weekend food-fight, I mean fest, would bring in crowds in the tens of thousands. It did. But on Wednesday we had the place almost to ourselves and were able to stroll around, enjoy the art, the blue sky and calm ocean, and then go for coffee on the high street.

In fact, conditions were so superb, and the whole thing was so lovely, I'm going to cover this event in three posts because there's a lot to show and share. My favorite of the sculptures was the Octopus Garden, though I also have a fondness for that whale.

I guess I also need to dig out my pictures from the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, for contrast! It was March, 1999, about ten below zero and the most amazing ice sculptures were lit in with fantastic colored lights. The only thing is, the photos are just that -- photos. They'll need scanning, and they won't have quite the integrity of digital shots. Still ... they're nice.

Back tomorrow with more; and I'll wrap this story on Friday with the food-fight. I mean fest. Well ... I was a bit of a fight, actually, and I'll tell that story in a few days

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