Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Preview: Destination Naracoorte, 2009

Strathalbyn, South Australia
Tailem Bend
Keith, South Australia
Naracoorte Caves National Park
Alexandra Cave
Wonambi Fossil Centre
Wet Cave, at Naracoorte
Bool Lagoon in March, 2009
Ibis at Lucindale, South Australia
The Big Lobster, Kingston SE
Cape Jaffa Historic Lighthouse
Horses at Kingston SE, South Australia
Black swans at Salt Creek
The Coorong, South Australia
Wellington Ferry, Murray River
Strathalbyn again -- almost home!
Back in March 2009 we headed to the Limestone Coast with the idea of seeing the caves at Naracoorte, and water birds at Bool Lagoon, and the Coorong on the way home: you take the Dukes Highway on the way out, the Princess Highway on the way back...

And along the way, during four marvelous days of travel, we saw some beautiful -- and strange! -- things, all of which we photographed.

When we made it home, Dave blogged the whole trip in his own inimitable style, using a great mix of his own pictures and Jade's; but Jade never did get around to posting pictures and stories -- until about eight months ago, there was never a blog to post them to, though the idea for this blog was born back then.

So here's Jade's opportunity to blog it all from the photographer's perspective; but she'll also give you the links to Dave's old posts, so you can indulge yourself in the "Bill Cosby" version.

Tomorrow: Strathalbyn to Cooalpyn!

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