Saturday, April 18, 2015

All Posts in Order: Riverlands 2014, it's a wrap.

PS Captain Proud

Part One:
Take the Southeastern Freeway, headed for a lunch date on a real, genuine paddle wheel riverboat. Pelicans, water skiers, wide skies ... and some very good food!

Dawn at Blanchetown

Part Two:
Mannum, Len Kroehn's Lookout, houseboats and swamp hens in the wetlands at Blanchetown ... kookaburras in the pink of the dawn, and hit the road early.

Murray River at Morgan

Part Three:

Some truly spectacular erosion, a six-foot pelican, a drive on the ferry across the river ... bacon and eggs, white faced herons, and -- did we just run out of road?

Overland Corner Hotel

Part Four:
The richest farm country imaginable -- it's orchards and vineyards wherever you look; wetlands being rescued, and ... step back in time to 1859 at the Overland Corner, a hotel, in the wilderness!

Banrock Station

Part Five:
Lock gates, pelicans and egrets ... Banrock Station -- a world famous winery and ecology project. Lake Bonney, and Berri... 

The Big Ram, Karoonda

Part Six:
Shades of green at Loxton, wheat to the horizon in the Murray Mallee, the biggest sheep imaginable at Karoonda, and a sunset made to order on the Southeastern Freeway for home.  

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